Formation of compa­nies and relo­cation to Switzerland

Switzerland is a country full of interesting perspectives. It is important to keep the considerable differences between the cantons in mind when selecting your location. Certain business areas have established themselves in specific regions depending on the industry (pharmaceuticals in Basel, microtechnology in Obwalden, trading compa­nies in Zug, etc.). Close proximity to your current and future customers or suppliers can be a decisive factor when selecting a location.

Many high net-worth indi­viduals choose to have their residence in central Switzerland due to the high quality of living and the country's tax advantages. A very low crime rate and excellent schools (also inter­national schools) combined with a reliable system reflect Switzerland's core values. We see ourselves as your partner, not just as your le­gal and tax advisers.

One of our main areas of expertise is struc­turing and planing your move to Switzerland perfectly, and we would be glad to as­sist you in this capacity. Our relo­cation experi­ence includes relocating the headquarters of compa­nies in the pharmaceutical industry, large inter­national trading compa­nies as well as investment managers of funds in Switzerland.

The added value we provide makes the difference. We look forward to work­ing with you.