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Law firm and vision

GHM Partners AG is an owner-run, dynamic tax and le­gal consulting firm head­quartered in the center of Zug, Switzerland.

Experi­enced le­gal and tax experts cater to our clients' needs personally and guarantee practical, client-oriented, targeted solutions, even in highly compli­cated matters.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to analyze their struc­tures, while our highly-special­ized, effective team puts these into practice efficiently. Thanks to our solid network, we are able to provide services in domestic as well as inter­national matters. For compa­nies and high net-worth indi­viduals, GHM Partners AG is an excellent strategic partner which is flexible, dynamic and reliable.

GHM Partners AG provides its clients with excellent services, generating added value. We establish long-term, lasting business relationships with our clients. Our practical approach means fast results.